Boys Bronze


This is our introduction to gymnastics class for boys, and the next step up from our Little Peanuts 2 class.  Or, if your boy is new to the sport and is not the right age for our Peanuts 2 class, this is the class for him.  He will work on beginning skills on all six boys events.  He will work on proper body positions and safety. 90 min-$195

Boys Silver


Once your son has mastered Boys Bronze or if he has has prior gymnastics training, he will move to boys Silver.  In this class he will continue to build off of the basics learned in Bronze. 120 min-$215

Boys Gold


Once your son has successfully mastered the skills in Boys Silver, he is ready for Boys Gold.  Our Gold class offers a range of skills that will prepare your son for skills that would be required to advance to the boys team.  These skills must be mastered in order to be considered for team and you also need a coaches recommendation. 120 min- $215