The Gymnastics Shop Competitive Team

Our competitive gymnastics team operates under the same philosophy as the rest of the gym.  We are committed to allowing the gymnasts to grow as individuals, learn while having fun, but also maintaining a sense of discipline.  We treat each gymnast with dignity and respect, all while helping to build their self esteem.  

If you are interested in more information about our team, or would like your child to be evaluated, please contact the gym.

Class information

  • Girls Competitive Team
    • Pre-Team:  4.5 hrs per week
    • Level 3:   9 hrs per week
    • Level 4:  11 hrs per week
    • Level 5:  13.5 hrs per week
    • Level 6-9:  14.5 hrs per week
  • Boys Competitive Team
    • Pre-Team:  1.5 hrs per week
    • Level 4:  5 hours per week

Congratulations to Jessica Ziemianin!

Level 3 State Champ - Vault and All-Around