Girls Bronze


This is our introduction to gymnastics class, and the next step up from our Little Peanuts 2 class, or if your daughter is new to the sport, this is the class for her.  She will work on beginning skills for vault, bars, beam and floor.  She will work on proper body positions and safety.  

75 min- $175

Vault Skills

  • Straight jump to stacked mats

  • Handstand flat back onto stacked mats

Beam Skills

  • Releve walks forward, backwards, and sideways on high beam

  • Handstand flat back to cheese mat off low beam

  • Leaps on low beam

  • Snap turn

  • Straight jumps

  • Cartwheel with assistance

Floor Skills

  • Cartwheel

  • Standing round-off

  • Handstand hold

  • Bridge kickover

  • Half turn

  • Split jumps and tuck jumps

  • Backward roll to push up down cheese mat

Bar Skills

  • Execute glides

  • Execute casts

  • Pullover

  • Back hip circle with assistance

Girls Silver 1/2


Once your daughter has mastered girls bronze or has had prior gymnastics training, she will move to girls Silver.  In this class she will continue to build off of the basics learned in Bronze.

90 min- $195

Silver 1

Vault Skills

  • Execute handstand flatback on stacked mats

  • Straight hump to vault, handspring off table

Beam Skills

  • Cartwheel on low beam

  • Handstand on low beam

  • Side handstand 1/4 turn dismount with assistance

  • Straight jumps on high beam, tuck jumps on low beam

  • Half turn on low beam, snap turn on high beam

Floor Skills

  • Handstand-bridge kickover

  • Running round-off rebound

  • Standing back handspring with assistance with correct body shapes

  • Backward roll to push up down cheese mat with straight arms

  • Handstand forward roll

  • Full turn

Bar Skills

  • Execute pullover

  • Execute back hip circle

  • Front hip circle with assistance

  • 3 glide swings in a row

  • Show a hollow and arch shape hanging on the high bar

Silver 2

Vault Skills

  • Front handspring over the resi turned sideways

Beam Skills

  • Cartwheel on high beam

  • Handstand on high beam

  • Side handstand 1/4 turn dismount

  • Half turn on high beam, full turn on low beam

  • Tuck jumps on high beam, split jump on low beam

Floor Skills

  • Front/back walkover

  • Standing back handspring

  • Round-off back handspring

  • Front handspring over barrel

  • Backward roll to push-up position with straight arms

Bar Skills

  • Tap swings on high bar

  • Squat on

  • Execute front hip circle

  • Double back hip circle

  • Glide swing and then lift toes to the bar

Girls Gold


Once your daughter has successfully mastered the skills in Girls Silver, she is ready for Girls Gold.  Our Gold class offers a range of skills that will prepare your daughter for skills that would be required to advance to the girls team, or get ready for her high school team.  These skills must be mastered in order to be considered for team and you also need a coaches recommendation.

90 min- $195

Vault Skills

  • Front handspring over stacked mats turned sideways

  • Front handspring over vault

  • 1/2 on over the vault

Beam Skills

  • Back walkover on low beam

  • Handstand on high beam

  • Cartwheel on high beam

  • Execute split leap on high beam

  • Full turn on high beam

  • Split jumps on high beam

  • Barani dismount

Floor Skills

  • Standing back handspring

  • Round-off back handspring back handspring

  • Front handspring

  • Front tuck

  • Back tuck

  • Switch leap

  • Back extension roll to handstand

Bar Skills

  • Execute front/back hip circle

  • Kip

  • Cast to horizontal

  • Squat on jump to high bar

  • Execute tap swings on high bar

  • Baby giant

  • Fly away with assistance