Team Tumbling Class 

These classes are designated for girls that are on the teams that tumble with us.  If your cheer squad is looking to improve upon their tumbling, try to get those extra points for competition, or just increase your tumbling, have your squad join us!!  We need at least 8 team members to open a class.  Class times do not change during the school year (4 sessions), but may change in the summer due to summer hours.

Class Information

$165 per student for a 10 week session

One and a half hour class, 15 minutes of stretching, 1 hour of tumbling, 15 minutes of conditioning or free time. 8: 1 student to coach ratio.

The time of your team tumbling might change in the summer due to not having school in the mornings, or having a weekend class, but will go back to your regular time in the school year.