Make up Policy:

  • All students have the option to do 2 makeups per 10 week session

  • Makeups are not guaranteed; as they are scheduled based on class availability

  • If you plan on missing a class, you must let the office know BEFORE you miss the class if you would like to try to schedule a makeup class

  • If you do not let the office know in advance, you then lose the option to makeup the class

  • If you schedule a makeup class and do not show up for it, you cannot reschedule the makeup class.

Fee Policies

  • Annual Fee:

    • $25 per student for the first 2 children in a family

    • $15 per student for 3 or more children enrolled in same family

    • Due each August or at time of new enrollment

    • This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

  • Refunds

    • Refunds will NOT be given after the first week of the session

  • Discounts

    • Sibling: 20% off the siblings class if enrolled in a full session

    • Multi-Class: 20% off each additional class if enrolled in a full session